Elite 11: Day 3 (Sun AM) Updates

Sunday morning at the Nike campus in Beaverton, Ore., saw the last full passing session of the 2013 Elite 11 and it was a measured workout where the quarterbacks continued to throw to receivers under controlled circumstances.

With the last Elite 11 sessions done, the college counselors, including Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel, are now done and will be heading home.

With the last Elite 11 sessions done, the college counselors, including Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel, are now done and will be heading home.

The media was allowed to watch from the sidelines and included ESPN, Fox Sports, USA Today and CBS.

However, with three days of intense competition still ahead in The Opening, Trent Dilfer and the Elite 11 coaches purposely held back the throwing to keep the QBs fresh.

After the workout on the Nike turf field, where temperatures were touching 90 degrees, the athletes went to do a pool workout to further reinvigorate any potentially sore muscles.


Transition from Elite 11 to The Opening

With no afternoon session, the Elite 11 is effectively done although the quarterbacks are far from finishing their tasks at hand.

On Sunday morning, they were placed on the six teams that will compete Monday through Wednesday:  Alpha Pro, Apocalypse, Field Generals, Land Sharks, Super Bad and Vapor Carbon.

During the day, the non-quarterbacks for The Opening — about 145 more athletes — began arriving from across the nation.  On Sunday evening, there will be Opening Ceremonies for The Opening, which will take place at NikeTown in downtown Portland followed by dinner on a boat.

The quarterbacks will be able to unwind and switch their minds from individual to team pursuits.  Dilfer said this afternoon that a top 10 list should come out on Monday, showing the rankings of the Elite 11 QBs… that list will go up or down based on team play in the 7On part of The Opening.


Elite 11 QB “Awards”

A lot will be learned by how the Elite 11 QBs perform in team competition, but we thought that after four full sessions the college counselors and the quarterback coaches would have seen enough to give an opinion on which high school Elite 11 players stood when it came to certain aspects to their game.

Check out the following list of award winners:

 Counselor 1Counselor 2Counselor 3Coach 1Coach 2
Class clownDavid CornewellJerrod HeardJerrod HeardJerrod HeardJerrod Heard
Best arm strengthDavid BloughK.J. Carta-SamuelsK.J. Carta-SamuelsK.J. Carta-SamuelsKeller Chryst
Best feetKyle AllenMorgan MahalakLuke RubenzerDeShaun WatsonMorgan Mahalak
Quickest readsKeller ChrystSean WhiteSean WhiteKyle AllenSean White
Silent Assasin (most quiet)Sean WhiteKeller ChrystKeller ChrystKeller ChrystKeller Chryst
Earliest contributor (college)Kyle AllenKyle AllenKyle AllenKyle Allen/DeShaun WatsonKyle Allen
NFL potentialKeller ChrystKeller ChrystDavid CornwellKeller ChrystDavid Cornwell
Intense competitorDavid BloughManny WilkinsKyle AllenDavid BloughDavid Blough
No flinch mentalityLuke RubenzerKyle AllenKyle AllenK.J. Carta-SamuelsWill Grier
Most improvedJerrod HeardK.J. Carta-SamuelsJerrod HeardJerrod HeardK.J. Carta-Samuels






Updated: June 30, 2013

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