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More than 200 athletes came together for a opportunity to see what it’s like to practice like a pro and prove they have what it takes to play at the next level as part of the April 28, 2013 Nike Football Training Camp which was held at The Atlantic Health Jets Training Center in Florham, N.J.

Here is a look at the 25 standout performers that make up the New Jersey NFTC All-Camp Team including DB Minkah Fitzpatrick (pictured).

Note: Selections are based upon camp performance as evaluated by the NFTC staff as well as past and projected on-field performance. Athletes are in the Class of 2014 unless otherwise noted.



John Lovett

John Lovett

QB: John Lovett, 6-2 ½, 204, Hyattsville (Md.) De Matha
Results: 4.85 40, 4.15 SH, 37.0’ PB, 29.2” VJ, 93.30 SPARQ
Breakdown: Lovett walked away with MVP honors after an eye-catching performance during one-on-ones. He is very consistent in every aspect of the position and has clearly proved to be a high level recruit. Most impressive was how he got the entire group of quarterbacks to compete at a high level throughout the workout. Had a breakout junior season setting school records for passing yards (2,303) and touchdowns (23) in a season

QB: Jaret Guarantano (2016), 6-2, 174, Oradell (N.J.) Bergen Catholic
Results: Did not test
Breakdown: Gaurantano is going to be a national level recruit very soon and has stood out amongst elite level quarterbacks in two appearances at a Nike Event this year. His potential is unlimited and it is very easy to see he puts in a lot of work to continue to get better. He has a natural skill set and you would never know that he still is three years away from graduations. Its going to be very interesting watching his development continue over the course of time.

RB: Troy Shorts (2015), 5-10, 178, Woodbury (N.J.)
Results: 4.40 SH
Breakdown: Shorts was very impressive from the start, buzzing through the speed and agility training period with straight line and lateral quickness. He had no problem stepping up against bigger players in the pass rush competition and more then proved to be tough enough to take on any rusher. Still has plenty of time to further develop and prove that he can run the ball with the best of them.

RB: Marcus Outlow, 5-10 ½, 203, Norwich (Conn.) Norwich Free Academy
Results: 4.71 40, 4.34 SH, 36.0’ PB, 33.1’ VJ, 94.35 SPARQ
Breakdown: This past season he rushed for 1,395 yards and 25 touchdowns leading to a early commitment to Boston College. Not the most flexible looking player at first but he was very smooth making cuts and changing directions. Did well out of the back field catching the ball but needs to be more consistent running each route the correct way.

WR: Curtis Samuel, 5-11, 178, Brooklyn (N.Y.) Erasmus
Results: 4.46 40, 4.19 SH, 35.0’ PB, 36.3” VJ, 111.87 SPARQ
Breakdown: It took some time before the elusive receiver let it rip towards the end of camp. From the very beginning it was easy to see that Samuel is a very gifted athlete with the how smooth he bounced around the field. He runs smooth precise routes without having to slow down to make a cut. There were many times that coaches stopped what they were doing to watch his rep.

WR: Dequan Bowman, 5-10, 176, Millville (N.J.)
Results: 4.67 40, 4.19 SH, 31.5’ PB, 32.4” VJ, 87.12 SPARQ
Breakdown: Bowman was extremely impressive and was in the discussion for possible MVP until Samuel took over during one-on-ones. Did well stretching the field and creating separation in the open field against defenders. It was at the Nike Combine where Bowman first got noticed and earned the opportunity to compete at the Nike Camp with a SPARQ Rating of 96.90.

Irvin Charles

Irvin Charles

WR: Irvin Charles (2015), 6-4, 208, Haddonfield (N.J.) Paul VI
Results: 4.73 40, 4.47 SH, 35.0’ PB, 26.8” VJ, 79.23 SPARQ
Breakdown: Charles has it all from a skill set to be able to play this game for a long time. He is big, fast and just knows how to get open not matter how many defenders are trying to slow him down. Already Temple and Umass have offered the 2015 standout with many more to come in the near future.

WR: Chris Godwin, 6-2, 203, Middletown (Del.)
Results: 36.5’ PB, 33.6” VJ
Breakdown: The future Penn State receiver is so naturally gifted that everything he did during camp appeared to be effortless. He has great size and quickness that made it nearly impossible for defenders to jam or slow down off the line. Once he got into his route there was not stopping him from catching any ball in arms reach.

WR: Noah Brown, 6-2, 215, Sparta (N.J.) Pope John XXIII
Resutls: 39.9’ PB, 25.3” VJ
Breakdown: Does not have an elite level of top end speed but more then makes up for it with his physicality and strength. It was easy to see he understands that its not all about being fast that you can outplay your opponent with being better prepared. He is a great route runner and never allowed any defender to keep him from getting to his landmark. Caught 98 passes with 16 going to the end zone as a junior leading to a long list of offers.

OL: Jamil Demby, 6-4, 293, Vineland (N.J.)
Results: 5.44 Shuttle, 30.0′ PB, 19.7″ VJ
Breakdown: Demby showed up with some buzz behind his name and did nothing to quell a big spring for him. Demby still needs to develop, but has the frame and feet to work as a tackle at the next level. Is smooth getting out of his stance and into his set and does a good job being patient with his punch. Could be a late bloomer and a nice pick-up for some school next fall.

OL: Jordan Dowrey, 6–1, 259, Winchester (Va.) Handley
Results: 5.25 40, 4.65 Shuttle, 34.0′ PB, 26.2″ VJ, 69.42 SPARQ
Breakdown: A week prior we saw Dowrey working as a defensive linemen at the Washington DC NFTC, but the brother of Penn State DT Derek Dowrey seems like a natural at center. While a bit undersized, Dowrey used good knee bend and his height to gain leverage on defenders. A bit raw in technique, the high school wrestler has the natural balance that’s so valuable inside and was immediately able to install the instruction from the NFTC coaches.

OL: Theodore Goosen, 6-3, 261, Virginia Beach (Va.) Tallwood
Results: 5.47 40, 4.85 Shuttle, 39.0′ PB, 25.9″ VJ, 71.85 SPARQ
Breakdown: Goosen made the trek up from Virginia Beach and made the most of it. A good athlete with a lanky frame for an OL, Goosen worked at tackle, but could see his blend of athleticism and size being a good fit as a potential center. Utilized his long arms to create separation from the DL and showed good feet mirroring defensive ends. Will be one to watch going into his senior season at Tallwood.

OL: Quenton Nelson, 6-4.5, 298, Red Bank (N.J.) Catholic
Results: 5.60 40, 5.00 Shuttle, 39.5′ PB, 23.2″ VJ, 73.56 SPARQ
Breakdown: Nelson had possibly the most dominant day for an offensive linemen this year. While some have projected him as a guard, Nelson has the frame and feet to stay outside as a left tackle. What separates Nelson from most high school OL prospects is how developed he is physically. Nelson has little to no baby fat and has obviously put in his time in the weight room. If Nelson can pick up the playbook quickly, he should be able to contribute early for the Fighting Irish. For his performance, Nelson earned an invite to The Opening.

OL: Chris Okupski, 6-4, 309, West Long Branch (N.J.) Shore Regional
Results: 5.66 40, 5.32 Shuttle, 37.5′ PB, 20.4″ VJ, 64.50 SPARQ
Breakdown: Okupski looks and plays like a guard. He’s quick out of his stance and does a good job getting his first two steps into the ground to establish a nice wide base. He does a good job keeping his elbows inside and punching up and was able to stuff all comers right at the line of scrimmage. He needs to work on keeping his feet moving, but Okupski has the looks of a very good guard prospect at the next level.



Noah Beh

Noah Beh

DL: Noah Beh, 6–5.5, 239, Scranton (Pa.) Prep
Results: 4.81 Shuttle, 35.5′ PB, 27.1″ VJ
Breakdown: The long defensive end prospect had a good day working on the edge and will benefit greatly from college training table and workouts. Had the matchup of the day against Quenton Nelson, a matchup we could easily see again in college, as Beh currently has offers from Boston College, Penn State, and Pitt among others. Top end speed may be a bit of an issue, but Beh has the frame to develop into a powerful 3-4 defensive end.

DL: Ray Ellis, 6–0.5, 274, Absecon (N.J.) Holy Spirit
Results: 5.15 40, 4.93 Shuttle, 24.2″ VJ
Breakdown: Ellis was the surprise of the DL group, working inside as a defensive tackle. Ellis did a great job getting off quick on the snap and getting skinny through the hole, but what really surprised was his frame. Ellis looks trim at 274, and carries his weight right where you want to see a 3-technique carrying it, in his lower body. Ellis could easily carry 290 to 300 pounds and did a great job putting his name on the map at the New Jersey NFTC.

DL: Rashan Gary (2016), 6–3.5, 280, Scotch Plains (N.J.) Fairwood
Results: 4.99 40, 4.69 Shuttle, 33.5′ PB, 27.1″ VJ, 79.20 SPARQ
Breakdown: Gary has the look of a 2014 top recruit, but the scary part is that he is still a freshman in high school. With a college-ready frame and speed (4.99 40) he could pass for 18, and its hard to imagine what he’ll look like in two years time. Gary is coming off a strong season at Scotch Plains Fairwood and has already been offered by Florida and Rutgers. He naturally plays low, but is a pure bull-rusher at this point and needs to work on utilizing his hands. Still, Gary stood out enough to earn rave reviews from the coaches.

DL: Thomas Holley, 6–4, 300, Brooklyn (N.Y.) Lincoln
Results: 5.28 40, 5.13 Shuttle, 43.0′ PB, 23.0″ VJ, 83.19 SPARQ
Breakdown: Holley was head and shoulders above the rest of the pack and earned NFTC DL MVP Honors for his performance. Despite being a recent convert to the football field, Holley showed what makes him stand out on film: an unbelievable get off, good pad level, and a relentless motor. Holley is just beginning to tap into his potential, and showed the trait that will be most important for his future development, coachability. He was clearly uncomfortable with some of the technique being taught, but stuck with it and utilized it when it came time for 1-on-1s. Holley will have the opportunity to develop further at The Opening this summer.

LB: Connor Strachan, 6-0, 236, Neeham (Ma.) St. Sebastians
Results: 4.77 40, 4.35 SH, 35.5’ PB, 34.0” VJ, 100.65 SPARQ
Breakdown: Strachan is a throwback type player from a physical makeup to the energy he puts out on every rep and is perfect fit for Boston College where he has already committed. He went all out from the very beginning and was out to prove that he is a good as everyone says. Will need to work on a few things to be considered an every down player such as just quicken up footwork in pass coverage.

LB: Jarred Moorer, 6-1 ½, 202, Bronx (N.Y.) Fordham Prep
Results: 4.96 40, 4.67 SH, 28.5’ PB, 28.0” VJ, 55.86 SPARQ
Breakdown: Lengthy and agile 3-4 OLB with freaky reach. He was redirecting routes with authority all day in Half Skelly. Incredible potential to put on mass and still stay smooth in his movement. Coaches labled Morrer as the best pass rusher of the group, a natural in using his hands and getting skinny. He is a threat in space, in 1on1 and in pass rush situations being gifted enough to line up anywhere.

Mark Fossati

Mark Fossati

LB: Mark Fossati, 5-9 ½, 200, Montvale (N.J.) St. Joseph Reg
Results: 4.93 40, 4.38 SH, 31.0’ PB, 28.4” VJ, 69.66 SPARQ
Breakdown: Every now and then at a Nike Camp, an under the radar type kid comes in and just wows not only coaches but also those they are competing against. Fossati was that player and if not for the age old issue of being undersized, we would have been well aware of him because he would have a long list of offers. There is no doubt he is skilled enough to play college football at a high level and will just need one school to take a chance. Was New Jerseys defensive Player of the Year after totaling over 150 tackles as a junior.

DB: Troy Vincent Jr., 5-9, 186, Baltimore (Md.) Gilman
Results: 4.69 40, 4.50 SH, 36.5’ PB, 30.8” VJ, 84.90 SPARQ
Breakdown: Being the son of a former NFL All Pro doesn’t hurt your football chances. Vincent is a tremendous athlete that could play on either side of the ball, as a cornerback is very physical with initial jam on the receiver very rarely getting beat when in press coverage. What really impressed the coaches was his ability to recognize what the receiver was going to run and breaking up a good number of passes during the half skelly and one-on-one periods.

DB: Minkah Fitzpatrick, 5-11 ½, 183, Jersey City (N.J.) St. Peter’s Prep
Results: 4.16 SH, 31.0’ PB, 32.8” VJ
Breakdown: Quick twitch underclassmen that is ahead of his class. Was consensus MVP of the group after dominating the half skelly period from both the safety and corner position. Has a natural ball hawking ability and is not afraid to mix it up with the receiver showing the confidence to be a lock down defender. Has already been offered by Ohio State, Miami, Wisconsin and Boston College.

DB: Jeray Demby, 6-0 160, Woodbury (N.J.)
Results: 4.45 SH, 33.0’ PB, 34.4” VJ
Breakdown: Demby will be a good as he wants to be with some dedication to getting bigger and stronger. Plays with a high level of confidence that makes up for some lack of strength. Moved extremely well in his back pedal being able to flip hips and run with a receiver without losing any ground.

DB: Darin Peart, 5-9 ½, 171, Brooklyn (N.Y.) Erasmus
Results: 4.75 40, 4.53 SH, 36.0’ PB, 35.4” VJ, 84.09 SPARQ
Breakdown: Has ideal size and was very effective in nickel coverage being extremely effective in man and zone coverages. Really was impressive in his ability to close out on a receiver down the sidelines, eliminating the receiver from being able to make mid route adjustments.

Updated: May 28, 2013

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